Mike Lund Food wants to help make your special event memorable, perfect, and delicious.

A Truly Collaborative Process

You know and love good food, and you shop at your local farmers’ market. Why should you change that for a special event? Mike Lund Food is here to help. Located in historic Staunton, in Virginia’s beautiful and bountiful Shenandoah Valley, we utilize the wealth of farmers and artisan producers in the valley and the surrounding area to bring you the best and freshest ingredients and products. Whether planning for an intimate meal for two in your home or a gathering of 200 of your best friends, Chefs Mike and James will work with you to craft a sumptuous local foods menu as personal and individual as your special occasion.Mike Lund Catering

At Mike Lund Food, our approach is simple and honest. People seek caterers to help them mark life’s memorable events. Your wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or promotion—whatever the occasion—is unique to you. Your menu and food should be too. Instead of having a list of dishes you pick and choose from, we work with you to create a menu that will be meaningful for you and your guests in a way that no standard menu could be.

Mike Lund Menu PlanningLooking for some comfort food from your childhood? Grandma’s favorite? A delicious dish you came across in your travels? That yummy thing you were eating when you decided there would definitely be a second date? Together we’ll honor those memories—and make new ones.

Please take a moment to check out the business overview and pricing structure.  Then, let’s start a conversation about your event.

Not looking for full-service catering?  We have recently added a new pick-up & delivery menu that you can order from as well.


Wedding FAQ

Do you provide plates, linens and glasses?
Mike Lund Food does not provide rental plates, linens and glasses, HOWEVER we will work directly with the rental company of your choice to ensure that every detail, of your order is covered.  We ask that you register payment directly with the rental company and we will handle the rest.

We do have ample platters, serving utensils, cake cutting set, beverage dispensers, cup cake tower, antique drink coolers and more that are available for use at no charge.

Do you provide alcohol?
While we do have an ABC license, we have absolutely no issue with clients providing their own alcohol.

It’s cheaper to the client.  Most couples will assign a few friends or Cousin Eddy to handle the alcohol purchases. *If you’re providing your own alcohol, M.L. Food can under no circumstances purchase, transport or store your alcohol for you until day of and onsite. e.g. You get it there, we’ll take care of from there.

Can we do a tasting?
Sure!  Tastings are only done at Mike Lund Food in Staunton, VA.  Remember, we don’t have a bunch of stuff for you to pick and choose from, so don’t expect your tasting to be like the one you had at the country club.  At a tasting, Chef Mike will prepare you a nice meal reflective of his cooking style and based on seasonal availability.  Afterwards, we will talk about what you liked or didn’t like, salt, spice and so forth.  There is generally no charge for tastings for the couple only, any additional guests are $75 each.

What’s the planning and consultation fee?
The $500 planning and consulting fee covers the months and months of planning, menu development, tastings, site visits, phone calls and emails that go into an event before the actual day of.

We have a lot of guests with Special Dietary Restrictions, eg. vegetarians, gluten free, allergies, etc.
No problem!  We are happy to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions.  We just need to know about them in advance.

Past Wedding Menus